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 Buying Jade Beach Sunny Isles Apartment for Sale   on July 13, 2015

Want a studio apartment in a mesmerizing location like Sunny Isles? Then, you have to just spend a small amount of $320,000. And, you will get an oceanfront apartment which has a direct view of the ocean beauty and air, combining a series of modern amenities and a proud feel of living in a condominium of the best build and architecture.

Jade Beach condo has 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom and up to 6 bedroom apartments for sale. All of them are designed so fantastically that amazing views of the ocean should be visible from inside the apartment. Jade Beach condo is a smart one because all smart technology installations are available. So are the facilities for modern living.

Jade Beach is one of the most popular buildings in the area of Sunny Isles, with featuring fantastic location (good nearby schools) and a safe overall environment.

Unless you take some time to look at all of the different units which are currently available in the building and see which of them might appeal to you the most, you cannot get to know why a Jade Beach apartment could be your right choice. Be sure that all of the units have their exciting appeal while they have some wonderful options of varying sizes. Find in them something that must meet your requirements as well. If you have a requirement of a penthouse besides having a regular residential unit, Jade Beach apartment has that offer also. They are much larger and have several features than condos have. For a luxury living, they could be a good fit for your family.

So, if you have been searching for a luxury apartment and want to live near the ocean and close to Florida (so close that you can daily commute to and fro), Jade Beach Sunny Isles apartment for sale would be the right choice for you. Here are being given a few prices of Jade Beach apartment.

For a 6 bedroom unit in this condo, the ballpark price is $8500000, while for a 5 bedroom unit, it is $6900000, for 4 bedroom it starts from $10000000 through $2800000. You can also find 1 bedroom unit pricing from $1300000 via a price of $950000.

If these prices of Jade Beach Sunny Isles apartment for sale meet your budget, you may also take visit to the site personally so you can identify if everything is present in it and can meet your particular needs. This can be said with conviction that if you have been searching for a property that is in the ideal location, has the perfect number of rooms and is at a price you can afford, then Jade Beach Sunny Isles apartment for sale will be your right selection. To know more of this property details, you can get in touch with their executives who can help to put you into a dream home.

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