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Sunny Isles is a great area for families who are looking to buy a new condominium. It features a fantastic location with good nearby schools and a safe overall environment. Jade Beach is one of the most popular buildings in the area, and Jade Beach for sale could be the best choice for you and your family.

Let’s look at all of the different units of Jade Beach condos for sale that are currently available in the building and see which of these might appeal to you the most


6 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Beach condo
4905$8,200,000$9996/8/18210Jan 25, 2021A10986434
4 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Beach condo
4608$3,300,000$1,1494/6/12871Jan 26, 2021A10330917
3101$2,390,000$9984/5/12394Dec 22, 2020A10974515
3108$2,280,000$9524/5/12394Nov 12, 2018A10569823
2208$2,150,000$8984/5/12394Dec 21, 2020A10973351
3 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Beach condo
4204$2,000,000$1,0383/4/11927Mar 03, 2017A10229088
3507$1,800,000$03/3/00Jan 25, 2021A10987684
2802$1,540,000$1,0413/3/01479Feb 27, 2020A10821313
2307$1,525,000$1,0313/3/01479Jan 29, 2021A10990601
4102$1,399,000$9463/3/01479Feb 09, 2021A10995914
2 Bedrooms for sale in Jade Beach condo
2502$1,749,000$1,1832/3/01479Feb 27, 2020A10815999
2902$1,590,000$02/3/00Feb 02, 2021A10992212
1 Bedroom for sale in Jade Beach condo
1206$785,000$9111/2/1862Oct 09, 2019A10753087
1403$776,900$9011/2/1862Nov 19, 2020A10950673
1103$725,000$8411/2/1862Feb 11, 2021A10997753
2003$715,000$8291/2/1862Feb 27, 2020A10786984
1503$710,000$8241/2/1862Oct 10, 2020A10938021
1003$709,900$8241/2/1862Oct 02, 2020A10936141

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