Jade Beach is easily one of the most popular buildings in the Sunny Isles area, and as such, the sales at the property have been relatively brisk over the past year or so. A large number of properties have been sold in that time, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. First, the market is getting stronger, and it is a great time for buyers who are looking for quality properties. The market appears as though it will continue to strengthen, which will help to increase the prices, and thus the value, of these properties. Buying now while the prices are still going up is a good way to make a great property investment.

Recently Sold Properties at Jade Beach In 2014,the following properties at Jade Beach closed.

  • Unit 4204 – This three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom property had an asking price of $2,350,000, and it sold for $2,020,000. The 1,927 square foot property closed on 2/26/14.
  • Unit 2705 – Unit 2705 is a three bedroom, three and a half bathroom property that has 1,927 square feet of living space. The unit, which closed on 1/21/14, had an asking price of $1,969,000, and it sold for $1,790,000.
  • Unit 3002 – This three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit features 1,579 square feet of space. It closed on 1/23/14. The asking price for the property was $1,575,000, and it sold for $1,575,000.
  • Unit 4108 – This four-bedroom, four and a half bathroom unit was able to sell at the asking price of $2,850,000. The property was quite large, offering 2,394 square feet of space. It closed on 1/27/14.

You should be able to glean a few things from these numbers. First, the properties are selling quickly. Second, even though the prices on the units are going up, it is still possible to get them for less than the asking price. This means you can get even better deals on some wonderful beachfront properties.

What is it that is making the units at Jade Beach, and in other buildings in Sunny Isles, become so popular? Quite a few things are helping to contribute to the larger number of sold condos the area has seen over the past year or so. Let’s look at those things right now.

Why Is Sunny Isles a Great Choice for Buyers?

Sunny Beach has one of the most perfect locations in South Florida. It is situated right between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, making commuting for work or entertainment fast and easy. It is also on a strip of land that has the Intracoastal Waterway on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. This means the beaches are never more than a short walk away, which is often essential for many residents.

The area also happens to be safe, and it is a good place to raise a family. The Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach K-8 is the main public school for the area. It offers a great curriculum, making the area a winner for parents who are raising children that fall into the age group, as well as for couples who are just thinking of starting a family. The school even has a special program for gifted children.

Those who come to Sunny Isles find that it offers a relaxing environment where people can enjoy life and the beautiful weather. The white sand beaches are always inviting, and there always seems to be something special happening in the community. Some of the most popular events in Sunny Isles include the Taste of Sunny Isles Beach in February, The Annual Egg Scramble in March, and the Sunny Isles Jazz Festival to name just a few.

The area offers great shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The community is just four miles from Bal Harbour, where they will find a wealth of different high-end shops and restaurants.

When you consider all of these different elements that the community offers, it is easy to see why it is starting to attract so many people. Those buyers are all looking for great properties to buy, and that’s just what they have found with Jade Beach. The properties have plenty to offer.

What Makes Jade Beach a Great Building?

The building is relatively new, having gone up in 2008. This means that it is still in great shape and has a wide array of modern conveniences that some of the older buildings in South Florida lack. They have a state of the art fitness center with a wide variety of different machines. They also offer a 24hr business center that even includes private offices and conference rooms.

The building features a spa with a lounge, massage and treatment rooms, steam rooms, and more. This helps to give buyers the feel of living in a luxury resort. They also offer media rooms and a community room, air conditioned storage facilities, pools, and a private beach club with cabanas and a café. They even require personal identity fingerprint access for the elevators, ensuring privacy and security for you and your family.

Features of the Jade Beach Residences

The building is wonderful, but the real start is the residences at Jade Beach. These units, while they might be different sizes, have some great features. They have “smart home technology” including touch screen monitors and computers to interact with the unit. They have floor to ceiling glass, large terraces, and high quality stainless steel appliances. They offer walk in closets, washers and dryers in the units, and gorgeous European fixtures and faucets in the bathroom.

Keep in mind that the owners of some units may have made some modifications to the style of the property.

Contact Us to Learn More

Now that you’ve seen some of the recent sales and have a better idea of just why these properties are selling so well, it may have elevated your interest about Jade Beach. Get in touch with us today so you can learn more about the properties that are currently available at the building and find your very own dream condominium or penthouse property.

4508$2,450,000$8534/52871Mar 10, 2020A10281750
1508$1,450,000$7783/31863Feb 28, 2020A10767497
1905$1,500,000$7783/31927Feb 27, 2020A10780480
3202$1,179,000$7972/31479Feb 19, 2020A10764279
3807$1,300,000$8793/31479Feb 07, 2020A10720010
4305$2,900,000$7004/64141Jan 06, 2020A10658129
2804$1,320,000$6853/31927Dec 23, 2019A10763280
2104$1,500,000$7783/31927Oct 29, 2019A10726540
1408$1,330,000$7143/32380Oct 18, 2019A10498084
2907$1,290,000$8723/31479Sep 27, 2019A10517002
4304$3,100,000$7494/64141Aug 02, 2019A10658084
#3405$1,564,200$8123/30Jul 15, 2019A10428349
2504$1,530,000$7943/32436Apr 16, 2019A10434964
1505$1,417,500$7363/31927Apr 05, 2019A10517707
3004$1,472,515$7643/31927Jan 07, 2019A10514754
3307$1,280,000$8652/31479Dec 17, 2018A10530368
2602$1,300,000$8792/31479Nov 27, 2018A10359751
3308$2,150,000$8984/42692Sep 27, 2018A10452618
902$850,000$7661/21367May 01, 2018A10424011
4101**BONUS**$1,930,000$8064/42394Apr 30, 2018A10338518
1804$1,450,000$7523/31927Apr 30, 2018A10429556
3608$2,400,000$1,0034/40Apr 17, 2018A10252910
1504 BONUS$1,500,000$7783/31927Mar 29, 2018A10352486
2805$1,600,000$8303/31927Feb 22, 2018A10314990
3208$2,100,000$8774/42394Sep 22, 2017A10140402
3802$1,500,000$1,0142/31479Aug 29, 2017A10221856
4501$2,400,000$8364/52871Jul 13, 2017A10045047
3301$2,200,000$9194/42394Jul 03, 2017A10172836
801$1,470,000$7893/31863Jun 07, 2017A10248845
1401$1,650,000$8863/32630Mar 03, 2017A10140362

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