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Jade Beach Condo Offers Both Rent and Sale Options – Which One You to Go?

Jade Beach Condo in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida presents a unique opportunity to experience the luxury accommodations by renting a unit in the building.  Rentals are available throughout the season but for a minimum period of 6 months.

Located in Sunny Isles Beach, Jade Beach Condos bring together everything that can amaze you. This 51-story ocean view tower contains 248 condos and each of them has different and bright story to tell. What is common to all of them is they all have ocean view.

Whether single bedroom unit or a unit of six, residents of them could view the ocean clearly. Size of those varying bedroom units ranges from 1000 to over 8200 square feet. Jade Beach Condos can be excellent choice of you for rent or purchase purpose for all practical reasons. Stepping into condo will give you a sense of assurance for the best luxury living this world has to offer.

As you step in the Jade Beach Condo, you will get a feel of special treat. These condos will be having an environment that an all-star resort usually does have. You will see inside an ‘intelligent home’ wired unit with many capabilities from advanced technology.

From touch screen units available within to syncing them all with external devices through smart phone or tablets that delegate control over a variety of functions and services, residents of Jade Beach Condos get an opportunity of living in a world of luxuries. Jade Beach Condo for rent offer controls over room lighting and dimming, audio controls, concierge services and valet requests, which are just a couple things which you will can enjoy during your stay here at Jade Beach Condo.

There are many people who want to live in Sunny Isles but are not ready to buy a home there. They may be evaluating the area to determine if this place will be right for their family. They could be living here presently for some work and they may only need to be in the area for a few months. Is this a situation you are in right now? Then, this Jade Beach Condo for rent option will be right for you.

People who have come here for work choose location of Jade Beach Condo, because it is just a short distance from Miami and from Fort Lauderdale. The distance makes it easy to commute to both of these areas very quickly. The building also happens to be close to the beaches as well as shopping and dining, which all sum up this place to be ideal to live or even to rent for a vacation.

While living at Jade Beach Condo for some time, you can also go for the option to purchase a unit provided you get Jade Beach Condo for sale offer. To put it short, Jade Beach Condo is the perfect place to live a life of luxury, and that you can truly term as a magnificent ocean side castle.

Find Out What Rental Packages Are Available At Jade Beach

Are you looking for an apartment for your family in Sunny Isles? You may then have a sneak peek into the Jade Beach condominium, which is well known for its fabulous location with proximity to schools and a safe overall environment besides its oceanfront feature. Without any doubts, Jade Beach apartment is one of the best condominiums in Sunny Isles Beach and living there is a gift of life.

Are you anxious to know the cost for various units? Although condos in this area could be very expensive, Jade Beach condo is fairly priced for an ultra-luxurious oceanfront community with all modern amenities. So, until you check out the inventory, you won’t be able to figure out which line suits you best.

There are a few Jade Beach apartments currently available for rent. For example,

unit 1203, which has a direct ocean view, offers 862 square feet of living space under air, consisting of one bedroom and one bathroom.

Unit 1006 at Jade Beach condo is available for rent or sale. It has 942 square feet of living space, with a bedroom and a bathroom. Its price is fixed at $945000. Unit 1903 offers 862 square feet of living space and its sale price has been fixed at $980000. It has a bedroom and one and a half bathrooms. Residents of these units at Jade Beach apartment for sale offer great unobstructed view of the ocean.

Unit 804 offers 1927 square feet of living space, cutting out three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms of the space. Find into this unit all floors covered with marble, designed with floor to ceiling glass when it offers exciting views of the ocean. The present asking price of this Jade Beach apartment for sale is $3500000. Apart from these features an apartment at Jade Beach condo offers, you will also find penthouses as available. So, if you want to live in true luxury with your family, this unit has all things to offer.

Unit 2704 comes with fully furnished features with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Asking price for this Jade Beach condo apartment is $2190000. This unit has marble floors and incredible city and ocean views.

Contact our office today at (305) 998-9922 to arrange a private viewing and a tour of Jade Beach condo. Use our site – http://www.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com/Sunny-Isles-Beach/Jade-Beach/ to analyze current market trends and choose the right apartment for you.

Why to go for Jade Beach Apartment for Rent Option?

There are many people who seek to live in Sunny Isles but are not quite ready to buy. Perhaps, they may want to evaluate the area and determine if this place will be right for their family. Also, there is a huge demand for short term rentals in Sunny Isles Beach because it is such a popular resort destination.

If this is your case, then Jade Beach apartment rental might be a great choice for you! But, why would you love to live in Jade Beach?

Location of Jade Beach is very strategic. It is just a short distance from Miami and from Fort Lauderdale. This is the primary reason for them to love Jade Beach. This makes easier to commute to both of these areas much faster. This Jade Beach does also happen to be close to the beaches. Plus, its proximity to shopping malls and restaurants has made popular. People love to visit this place during vacations and during vacations, renting option would be wiser.

Sensing higher demand for Jade Beach apartment for rent, quite a few numbers of great properties have been made available for rent now at Jade Beach. If you have a little time, you may better look through the properties which are available to see. Those properties are in various sizes and locations. All of them have lots of unique amenities. Make sure to contact soon if you see something which interests you. Remember that Jade Beach Sunny Isles apartment for rent tends to go quickly simply for the building is highly well known all over.

For there are various terms for rental contracts and leases, which include different contract lengths, the prices for rentals vary tremendously. The prices, however change on the regular basis, depending on the season and the length of the lease. You may contact our office, if you’re interested in Jade Beach apartment for rent and inquire about the availability and prices. Our phone number is 1.305.336.0457 or email [email protected]

For example, there are several three bedroom Jade Beach Sunny Isles apartments available for rent at this time and are priced around $10,000 a month, while one bedroom units rent for around $4K to $5K a month on an annual basis.

The benefits of renting apartment at Jade Beach: You will have to invest very minimum. In return, you will be enjoying its wonderful locations and amenities within the building itself equally.

You will find on-site guard, a community spa, valet parking, fitness center, a swimming pool, and a completely safe gated community. Find herein a private beach, which gives access to prime spots right on the water! If all these you don’t like, you might be looking for a densely crowded place.

All of these features must add to the reason you will love to live here at Jade Beach.