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Reside in Magnificent Jade Beach and Live Life in Great Luxury and Comfort

The Sunny Isles Beach in Miami offers several magnificent condominiums and luxury oceanfront residences to the condo buyers. These luxury condominiums of the modern era consist of several advanced features and offer a large number of luxury amenities and services. The luxury condominium, Jade Beach, is located in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, directly on the white sands of Atlantic Ocean. This luxury condominium offers  residents many amenities in a luxurious and comfortable beachfront lifestyle. This majestic condominium is one of the most beautiful, desirable and popular condo towers in the Sunny Isles area.

This imposing condo tower is 51-storey high and the appearance and structure of this condominium are stunning. World-famous designer and architect, Carlos Ott has designed this beautiful edifice. This luxury condominium consists of 248 spacious units, and all the units are beautifully designed and lavishly furnished. The magnificence and grandeur of Jade, Sunny Isles, attract the attention of the onlookers and visitors, and thoroughly impress the prospective condo buyers. If you want to buy a unit in this luxury condo tower, you can contact the well-known real estate companies that are offering the units of this condominium for sale. You may also visit the websites of these notable real estate companies to know more about the features and amenities of this luxury condominium.

Buying a property in the Sunny Isles area is a good investment for the future, as the value of this posh location and the property is certainly going to rise in the future. The features, amenities, and residential facilities provided to the residents in this luxury condominium are:

1. The building has a gorgeous three-storey lobby

2. A grand five-storey waterfall façade at the entrance of the condo tower

3. The terraces are large and offer amazing views of the surrounding

4. All the units have floor to ceiling windows, and the units are very well-decorated

5. The units have washers and dryers

6. The residents can keep their apparels and accessories in the large walk-in closets

7. Air-conditioned resident storage facilities are also available

8. Inbuilt smart home technology in every unit

9. The bathrooms have infinity-edge whirlpool tubs, European designer faucets and fixtures, etc.

10. The kitchens have Sub-Zero and Miele kitchen appliances, granite countertops, Snaidero wood and glass cabinets, etc.

11. And many more

This condominium offers a luxurious resort-style living to the residents. The location and the remarkable residential features of this condominium, make it one of the best options for the condo buyers. Downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale and all the other important areas in Miami are just a short drive away from this location, and thus, the residents can enjoy the glamorous city life, as well as relish the serene and blissful ambiance of the beach and the ocean.


Spend Every Moment of Life in Utmost Luxury and Comfort at the Apartments of Jade Beach

A beautiful, luxury ocean front residence in an exotic location, is a dream that many people have, and some fortunate ones are able to fulfil this dream. The luxury condominiums located in Miami and specifically in Sunny Isles Beach offer great amenities, service, location thus providing a perfect home and a perfect lifestyle. Among the several luxury condominiums in the Sunny Isles area, Jade Beach is absolutely one the best options. The location of this condominium is the most ideal because both Miami and Fort Lauderdale are within short reach. The residents can us both words – the private beach, as well as prime areas and attractions in Miami.

The beautifully designed and spacious apartments of Jade Beach are available for sale and rent as well; and if you are interested in buying units in Jade Beach or having a unit for rent, you may contact the real estate companies that are offering Jade Beach rentals. You can purchase a unit in this condominium to make it your permanent residence, or you may also keep it as your vacation property. The location is very high in value and the value of this property will increase in the future. Buying a property in the Sunny Isles area is always a good investment. And if you want to have a unit for rent, you may have so, and enjoy all the superb amenities and services offered in this luxury condominium.

Designed by the world-famous architect and designer, Carlos Ott, this magnificent condominium is 51-storey high and offers 248 units for sale and rent. The splendid structure and the stunning appearance of this condominium attract the attention of the visitors and condo buyers; and the lavishly decorated interiors impress them to a great extent. The units are equally gorgeous and very elegantly furnished and designed. Jade, Sunny Isles offers a highly aristocratic lifestyle to the residents, and the residential features of this building and the amenities offered here are remarkable. Some of the top class residential features and amenities of this condominium are as follows:

1. A grand five-storey waterfall façade at the main entrance adds to the grandeur of the tower

2. At the entrance of the building the stunning three-storey lobby impresses the visitors

3. The residents get 24-hour concierge and valet services

4. Covered parking areas are also there

5. Full time security services are there for the safety and security of the residents

6. Washer and dryer in every unit

7. The units have inbuilt smart home technology and floor to ceiling glass windows

8. The kitchens are equipped with Sub-Zero and Miele kitchen appliances, Snaidero wood and glass cabinets, granite countertops, etc.

9. The bathrooms are decorated with European faucets and fixtures, infinity-edge whirlpool tubs, glass-enclose walk-in showers, etc.

10. And many more

Life in this magnificent, luxury condominium is highly satisfying and luxurious and if you want to buy a unit in this condominium, contact the notable real estate agencies and know more about this opulent abode.


Jade Beach Will Make Your Living Mood Festive For All the Time

Do you know when does a condominium get maximum appreciation from the buyers and investors? If a condo tower is able to fulfill all the luxurious requirements of the buyers or residents. Jade Beach can be considered in the same category and if you are still confused among the great availability of the Sunny Isles beach condos, this is the time to check some vital aspects regarding Jade Beach.

Better Accessibility And Communication

The first and foremost enquiry made by the condo buyers is accessibility and communication and in that concern Jade Beach has got the maximum appreciation. It is situated at 17001 Collins Avenue and the two nearby airports like Miami and Fort Lauderdale are always active to make you reach at a desirable place throughout the world. Besides that, Sunny isles beach city always maintain a faster communication through roads and underway tunnels. So, it is very much possible that you do not have to make hassle while travelling the major points of the city residing at Jade Beach Sunny Isles.

Next it comes for the luxury. It is practically difficult to determine as all of the available condo towers available at Sunny Isles Beach are carrying the same. Jade Beach has also managed some latest luxurious amenities and the engagement of some experienced developers and architects will help you experience those luxurious features just at the right time according to your need.

The condo interiors will have more and more space for pleasurable living. Along with that, there will be laundry and dryers, advanced air conditioning, modular kitchen amenities, whirlpool in bathrooms, sensor based security and a newly introduced app will help you provide the maximum pleasure of living. Standing at the terrace will make feel delighted having the clear sea view of Atlantic. All these are quite ready to make you a different living experience at jade Beach Sunny Isles Beach.

The common ground is managed with far accessible amenities that after the whole day’s work fatigue, you will have some better moments sitting at the same place. There will be swimming pool and spa, fitness center, wine lounge, kid’s zone, music point and many more. Moreover, residing at Jade Beach will be truly a different experience at the oceanfront.

How to Get Your Place?

The expert planners of Jade Beach has produced some flexible way of transactions and in that concern you will get all the necessary information, just checking the online business listing on the web. Besides that, some expert realtors like Lana Bell will help support all the necessary information for making a purchase decision.

Buying a Condo at Jade Beach Sunny Isles

Jade Beach Condo is located at 17001 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. It is probably one of the most popular newer oceanfront condominium property, located directly on the beach. Plus, because of a short-drive to just about any part of Miami or Fort Lauderdale, it has made it a popular destination among property buyers.

A wide range of different types and sizes of apartments are available at this property. Once you get into this property, you will find various floor plans which range from one bedroom units to four. Jade Beach Sunny Isles is very popular among younger crowed as well as older because it offers comfort, convenience, security and great amenities.

The resort-style design and amenities of this building are one of the best in the area. The building features a three-story lobby with stunning views of the ocean, thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. The five-story waterfall façade in the front entrance adds to the beautiful design when you first arrive at the property. If you have any doubt of its luxuries, just visit Jade Beach Sunny Isles and you will know that it is something truly special.

Having 51 floors and 248 residences, this building offers great views of the Atlantic ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. The fabulous part of this building is many of the units were designed as a flow-through layout, thus offering incredible views of the sunrise and sunset.

As said, this has a resort-style design, distinguishing it from the rest and making it a standout building with lots of luxury features and amenities. These features are actually some of the strong buying points that persuade many people to choose to buy a condo at Jade Beach Sunny Isles.

Look at some of those features before you make a decision.

1. Find washers and dryers. This is a huge benefit as none of its residents would have to haul their laundry to the laundry room while living in a luxury building.

2. Get walk-in closets, providing residents with plenty of room for their clothing, shoes, accessories and more.

3. Enjoy the infinity-edge whirlpools in the bathroom.

4. Find floor to ceiling windows.

5. Get air-conditioned storage facilities.

6. Beautiful views from large terraces.

7. Smart home technology for virtual interactivity.

8. High-quality kitchen appliances of leading brands.

For foreigners who want to buy a property at Jade Beach Miami condo there is also financing available. You can always view all currently available units for sale and rent on our website – http://www.sunnyislesmiamirealestate.com/Sunny-Isles-Beach/Jade-Beach/. There you can also get such information as sales history, building statistics and much more.

10 Reasons to Buy a Unit of Jade Beach Sunny Isles In Florida

If you are looking for an oceanfront residence, Jade Beach Sunny Isles condo will be the ultimate beachfront destination. This building looks over miles of pristine beach and the aqua blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Think of a Miami condo and you will find no better condo than Jade Beach Sunny Isles condominiums. This condo-community have indeed become a great landmark in the South Florida, which is famous for providing ultimate luxury in every way.

This luxury construction is fifty one storied and houses 248 modern residences with a line of the most striking features that are only found on luxury residences. As you step inside of the building premises you will notice a beautiful elegance oozing out from everywhere. A five-story diamond shaped waterfall is adorning its façade. Its landscaped gardens are lush with tropical plantings and reflection pools, leading to a staircase which will place you right at the valet entrance.

In addition, the water scenery is so impressive that you will hardly like to leave it anytime in your lifetime. This is located on 17001 Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. For its location and building design and modern amenities, Jade Beach Sunny Isles condominium is highly a popular choice when it comes to buying a condo property in this area. Moreover, this building is just a short drive from downtown Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Those who are planning to buy a condo in this area must find it much better designed and placed. Here a range of different types and sizes of units is also available, and the most good thing about this building is you can find a lot of floor plans among which any of them could suit his or her needs as well as individual’s or couple’s budget.

There are many people looking for a vacation property. Whether you are also looking for a vacation property or a property for investment or permanent residence purpose, you will get to see no better property that Jade Beach Sunny Isles, and here is why:

Residence features at a glance:

1.  The units have washers and dryers, which is a huge benefit. No one wants to haul their laundry to the laundry room when they are living in a luxury building!

2.  The units have walk-in closets, which should provide buyers with plenty of room for their clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

3.  Enjoy the infinity-edge whirlpools in the bathroom.

4.  The building also offers resident storage facilities that feature air conditioning.

5.  Floor to ceiling windows.

6.  Large terraces that feature some beautiful views.

7.  Smart home technology for virtual interactivity with your unit.

8.  High quality stainless steel kitchen appliances from Sub-Zero and Miele.

9.  Beautiful European designer faucets and fixtures in the bathrooms.

10. Granite countertops, stainless steel backsplashes, and Snaidero wood and class cabinets in the kitchens.

Jade Beach Sunny Isles property is an architectural wonder designed by Carlos Ott and represents a luxury living destination which South Florida is known for.

Why is this Rush for Jade Beach Sunny Isles Apartment for Rent?

Lots of people wish to live close to or on the ocean. Fresh air, turquoise water, amazing sunrise and white sand are just few basic attractions. Well, Sunny Isles Beach and it’s wonderful condominiums offer just that.

Buying an apartment in Sunny Isles Beach may not be for everyone’s budget, but spending at least several weeks or months could be a reality. Renting an apartment in Sunny Isles is easy, all you need to do contact a realtor to find availability. One such building is Jade Beach located in Sunny Isles.

For those who aren’t ready to buy an apartment in Jade Beach condo, a unique renting opportunity has been brought in! It opens up few apartments to rent, keeping in mind of individual kind of requirements and budget.

The charge of a 4 bedroom for rent in Jade Beach condo may range from $9,500 to $16,000 and offers about 3,200 square feet. A 2 bedroom Jade Beach apartment for rent charge may range from $6,250 to $7,300 with about 2,000 square feet units. Similarly, a one bedroom Jade Beach condo for rent charge may vary between $3,950 and $5,000 and offers about 1,000 square feet. All units in Jade Beach are facing the ocean.

So, the charges of Jade Beach Condo have variations, from where you can find an apartment of your choice at your preferred budget. You will get to see quite few great properties available for rent at Jade Beach. Take the time to look through the properties which are brought to you for renting. The apartments have various sizes available at various locations, but you don’t have to worry about the unique amenities to the properties. With every one of them is available similar kind of amenities which are standards for modern living. From Wi-Fi to call-on-concierge ready service to many more of similar daily requirements, you will find there everything for better modern living.

In fact, living in a Jade Beach apartment will give you a feeling of living in a high-tech city. Every amenity is present there fulfilling your modern day living. You may be sure of wishing to come back to Jade Beach Condo time and again upon returning back from a couple of weeks living there! If you’ve still doubts regarding quality of living there and pricing of so many amenities at so cheap rates, you will then have to come at Jade Beach and verify the claim. Wish you and your family a happy living at Jade Beach Condo.

In the Center of Everything – Life at Jade Beach

Most people opt to move to Sunny Isles because they love the sunshine, the crystal clear water and the relaxed pace of life here. However, there’s a lot more to enjoy beyond the property and its immediate features and benefits. You’ll find that living at Jade Beach puts you in the middle of everything. No matter what you might want to see, do or enjoy, you’ll discover that it’s either right outside the door, or only a short drive away.


Home to the famed Aventura Mall, the city of Aventura is an amazing place for shopping, dining and nightlife. It’s a planned suburban city, so the layout is actually simple to navigate and logically designed. You’ll find a number of parks here to enjoy, whether you just want a change from the beach or a place to let Fido romp and play. Founders Park, Founders Park Bayside, the Liberal Arts theater, Waterways Dog Park, and several others are exclusive areas to the city. The Turnberry Golf Course is also located here, so getting out on the green is as simple as can be. Of course, the Aventura Mall offers over 2 million square feet of shopping and dining options, and is a can’t-miss in the area.

Bal Harbour is right up the road from Sunny Isles, and you’ll find an immense number of things to enjoy here. The Shops at Bal Harbour are probably one of your top destinations, particularly if you have a love for fine shopping. There are also plenty of dining opportunities in this village of just over 3,000 people. The Beach Club is also worth some time.


The greater Miami area is massive, and can be reached in just a short drive from Jade Beach. Here, you’ll find famous areas like South Beach and SoFi, as well as Miami Beach. Downtown is always worth exploring, and numerous new projects are underway that will result in even more shopping and dining opportunities (Brickell City Centre and Miami Worldcenter are two of the best known). It can take weeks to explore what Miami has to offer, and even then you’ll have only scratched the surface. There’s also an international airport in Miami, as well as another in nearby Fort Lauderdale, so flying in and out is a snap.

Heading South

If that’s not enough for you, living at Jade Beach puts you in a prime position to do some island exploration. Head south through Miami and Homestead, and you’ll enter the incredible string of tropical islands known as the Florida Keys. While Key West might be the most famous, there are dozens of others worth exploring, depending on your personal preferences and what you’d like to enjoy. From Key Largo to Big Pine to Key West itself, there’s an entire new world south of Miami.

Living at Jade Beach puts you in the perfect position to get out and explore. Or you can stay at home and enjoy life in the lap of luxury.